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ESMSC Medical Education Group (eMERG) is an international collaboration between senior academics, consultant-level physicians, senior and junior trainees with undergraduate medical students. It was founded as part of the “Essential Skills in the Management of Surgical Cases (ESMSC Marathon Course), which is an international multidisciplinary undergraduate surgical masterclass. ESMSC recruits motivated undergraduate students from various countries globally. Its current curriculum combines high and low fidelity simulation-based learning modules, with case-based discussions, non-technical skills and basic science workshops.

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eMERG Collaboration

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Specialty Trainee in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, NCEL London Deanery

Michail recently completed his NIHR Academic Clinical Fellowship and he is currently an ST6 Specialty Registrar in O+G at NCEL region. He has undertaken a 2-year full time Clinical Research Fellowship post foundation training and completed his Doctor of Medicine thesis (MDRes) in molecular oncology at King's College London.  

He was also awarded a research grant by EERC ELPEN and successfully completed with distinction his PhD thesis at the University of Athens on Surgical Education, under the supervision of Professor Papalois. He is currently leading  “the esmsc marathon course” which has resulted in several peer-reviewed publications on the relevant field. His aspiration is to pursue a clinical career in Advanced Gynaecological Oncology Surgery in the UK.





eMERG Collaboration

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Director of Experimental Educational and Research Centre ELPEN, Athens, Greece

Mr Papalois graduated from the Department of Biology, University of Athens in 1991. He currently holds a PhD degree in biology – biochemistry from the University of Athens in close collaboration with the University of Cambridge, Department of Surgery. In 1996 he was appointed as the Director of the Experimental, Educational - Research Center ELPEN. He is currently a visiting Professor in several Universities (University of Ioannina, Greece, Timisoara, Romania San Antonio, Texas, 2011 and Harvard University Medical School, 2014). More than 350 publications in international peer review journals from work conducted in his lab. Mr Papalois, is the Deputy President of the National Committee for Laboratory Animals used for Scientific Purposes.

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