Applications Timeline
  • Course Dates and Venue: 20th- 21st July 2021, Academy of Athens Research Foundation 

  • Applications Window (Limited places): Open 

  • Applications Outcome: Within 10 working days from submission of your application

  • Application Process: Please send your "Statement of Interest" +/- CV to Either statement of interest (why you want to attend the course, what you expect to learn) or CV is adequate; you can attach both if necessary. Additionally, please register your contact details on the application portal (mandatory). Confirmation of receipt of the application will be sent in 48h. Upon confirmation of receipt your application goes on to the "screening process". 

  • Screening Process: Initially we screen applications for eligibility and score them. If your application is eligible and appointable (>cut-off score) we will provisionally offer you a place.

  • Payment of fees: Following a provisional offer, in order to secure your place you should complete the payment ("events section" below application form, deposit of 25£) within 3 working days. The final offer is subject to a fee payment -remaining 275 pounds- and the receipt of your flight tickets. We will offer 10 (limited) places in total on a first come first served basis for the eligible and appointable applicants. We cannot refund any fees. 

  • Course requirements (Essential): Fluent in English and familiar with relevant medical terminology; we do not require a formal qualification. We invite any student from any Medical School who has completed the pre-clinical component of his/her studies. 

  • Course requirements (Desirable): We have established a scoring system to screen all eligible applications. This is based on our experience from previous years, and incorporates elements (publications, presentations, personal statement etc) that demonstrate commitment to attend the course, as well as to pursue a career in surgical specialities. The median "cut off" has been calculated from those elements and sets the lowest score on which an applicant is appointable; this is based on the last series of the esmsc course.


Accredited Course 
  21 CME Credits
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